Some great examples for Virtual Reality in Marketing

Examples for Virtual Reality Campaigns every Marketer should know

Merrell Virtual Hike

Merrel is an American footwear company for high-performance hiking boots.The Merrell Virtual Hike is a 4D, motion-tracked, multi-sensory experience that creates a hike like no other. Exciting technology with interesting special effects in Virtual Reality:

Red Bull Wingsuits

Sucessful Marketing Campaign for the Red Bull Team: The Wingsuits VR project generated 5.430.885 Youtube views until July 2016. A nice example how to put customers into exciting 360° adventures related to your brand:

IKEA Kitchen Experience

IKEA launches pilot Virtual Reality project until August 2016. Put on your headset and explore IKEA kitchen designs in full 3D from home. Interesting look and feel with limited story telling: Explore the kitchen from a child's or adult's point of view. Change kitchen material and design, open and close drawers and fry Swedish Köttbullar in 3D. Germans may enjoy the pleasure of recyling rubbish within their VR project. Apart of that still no interesting gaming functionalities but a five minutes experience that definitely shows a new trend of customer experience:

Mc Donald's Angry Birds

Be aware: Next time you order Chicken Nuggets at Mc Donald's you might get in trouble with some angry birds: