Social Digitalisation

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Socialware organizes event and activities for lonesome people. Based on our internet trainings we’re able to connect participants with their neighbourhood, other users, volunteers as well as family and friends. Rather than 1 to 1 telephone services we forster interactive digital communities. Apart from online calls and events we intend to arrange personal activities and events on a regular basis. Find latest dates here

Internet Trainings

Our volunteer trainers offer free computer courses for seniors and beginners. Older people are running risk of exclusion because they are not able to get access to goods and services that we do. We give basic Internet trainings on computers, tablets and smartphones so that disadvantaged persons can start an autonomous lifestyle

Auxiliary Means

Socialware helps to provide tips, tricks and solutions for disadvantaged people and their relatives. We do setup computers, tablets and mobile devices at personal preferences, we show and test products that might be helpful for before mentioned group and and we give free advices and recommendations that simplify average user live

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